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3 Of The Best Lawsuit Loan Companies Serving Alabama

Many people do not anticipate needing to file a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, careless and intentional acts of others can result in a situation where a lawsuit offers your only chance of being compensated for your losses.

However, the lawsuit process is likely more complicated than you expect. In most cases, the court system goes significantly slower than the parties involved want it to go.

You might think you can resolve your matter in a few weeks, but then you are stuck waiting months for a court date.

Additionally, you need money to file a lawsuit, to hire an attorney, and to continue paying your other financial obligations. So how can you make this work?

Luckily, Alabama lawsuit loans can give you a leg to stand on. 

Alabama Lawsuit Loans [hide]

What Is a Lawsuit Loan?

A lawsuit loan is essentially a cash advance on some of your judgment or settlement funds.

Put simply, you can receive your money immediately instead of waiting for your case to finalize.

You can spend your lawsuit loan on whatever you need, such as bills, household necessities, childcare, vehicle repairs, or any other financial obligation you need to satisfy while you wait for your settlement to process.

After all, most companies will not forgive your delinquent bills just because you have an ongoing lawsuit. 

3 Of The Best Companies For An Alabama Lawsuit Loan

If you are pursuing a lawsuit in the state of Alabama and need financial assistance while your case is pending, here are 3 companies that service clients in Alabama.

1. High Rise Financial LLC

37 N Orange Ave #331, Orlando, FL 32801 / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

High Rise Financial offers assistance to victims of accidents and injuries in meeting their living expenses during critical times. Since lawsuits can take time, plaintiffs often encounter financial difficulties while awaiting legal proceedings. This is where their lawsuit loans can help those who need help covering costs. 

With a 4.9 star rating on Google, High Rise has helped many clients obtain a favorable outcome for legal funding.

2. Capital Now Funding

9300 Shelbyville Rd Suite 401, Louisville, KY 40222 / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

Capital Now Funding

Capital Now Funding provides Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans to Alabama residents. Capital Now Funding even offers same-day settlement loans to help you and your family with your financial needs while your case is pending. 

With 4.8 stars and 440 positive reviews, they have created a positive online reputation for clients across several states, including Alabama.   

3. The Legal Funding Group

2 Skidaway Village Walk c, Savannah, GA 31411 / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

The Legal Funding Group provides plaintiffs and their lawyers with the financial support necessary to pursue legal claims.

With their pre-settlement loans, they can help clients cover legal fees as well as everyday household and personal expenses during the period leading up to a case’s resolution or a settlement negotiation. Apply with The Legal Funding Group!

What Cases Are Eligible for Alabama Lawsuit Loans?

Alabama lawsuit funding is available for several causes of action, such as:

If you are in the midst of a lawsuit for one of these causes of action, you could qualify for a lawsuit loan.

Injury Wallet can help connect you with a lawsuit loan company that fits your needs.

How Can Injury Wallet Help Me?

Injury Wallet does not offer Alabama lawsuit loans to consumers. Instead, we connect plaintiffs with potential lenders that suit their loan requirements.

We can help you avoid the hassle of checking with multiple lenders to find a legitimate lawsuit loan provider.

We will handle the heavy lifting for you and find the loan with the lowest interest rates.

If you are struggling to stay afloat while you wait for your settlement to finalize, contact Injury Wallet today. 

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