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Brain Injury Lawsuit Loans: Finding the Lowest Rate

Personal injuries can impact a victim for years. In cases involving catastrophic injuries, victims may require lifelong medical care.

Resolving a severe personal injury claim, such as a brain injury, can take years. Defendants are not as likely to settle without a fight as they want to avoid paying out for lifelong medical care whenever possible.

If you or your family have a pending brain injury lawsuit, you are likely worried about recovering the maximum compensation possible.

You should consider brain injury lawsuit funding while waiting for your case to resolve.

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Brain Injuries and Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit funding, also known as a lawsuit loan, can help provide some financial relief for your family now while your traumatic brain injury lawsuit is pending.

Lawsuit funding companies can fund a “loan” that you repay when you successfully receive a settlement or jury award.

It’s crucial to find the lowest rate because lawsuit loan companies vary. You might assume that finding the best rate means you have to spend days researching and comparing offers. At Injury Wallet, we handle the hard work for you.

Injury Wallet doesn’t offer any lawsuit funding directly. Instead, we research the best lawsuit loan options countrywide.

We have a long history of working with the best lawsuit funding companies in the country. Rather than you having to contact every company on your own and compare rates, we will do it for you.

Many plaintiffs might be wise to investigate traumatic brain injury lawsuit funding while litigation is pending. This pre-settlement funding allows the plaintiff to take care of their financial needs while the case is being resolved.

Some defendants will offer less money than the case is worth to try and force an early settlement. However, lawsuit loans allow plaintiffs to pursue the maximum compensation possible by letting their attorneys continue litigation.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Are Expensive

Even seemingly minor brain injury cases can turn more severe during litigation. It’s not uncommon for plaintiffs to develop complications or find out their injury is more severe than they initially assumed.

To complicate things more, it’s often hard to assess the full extent of damage and future medical expenses early on in a traumatic brain injury lawsuit.

Initial treatment typically consists of costly brain scans, such as MRIs. Plaintiffs may need one or more surgeries to treat a brain injury in more severe cases.

The more severe the brain injury, the more expensive the treatment. Worrying about these medical expenses can create a lot of added stress for families, especially if the injured victim was the primary income earner.

Even less severe brain injuries can result in the plaintiff being unable to work for an extended period. Daily activities can also be troublesome.

For some victims with a traumatic brain injury, even the simplest tasks may be impossible without assistance.

Don’t Let the Defendants Push You into Settling

Consider applying for a lawsuit loan rather than let the defendant’s insurance company try to push you to settle. The name lawsuit loan is not entirely accurate as this is not a traditional loan that you might be imagining.

Pre-settlement loans, such as traumatic brain injury lawsuit funding, don’t have to be repaid should you lose your case.

You only have to pay back the money with interest if you reach a settlement or receive a jury award.

By applying for a lawsuit loan, your attorney can continue fighting for the maximum compensation possible. It means you can take your brain injury lawsuit to trial rather than be pressured into a settlement.

And brain injury lawsuit settlements can take some time to payout.

Lawsuit funding helps bridge the gap until funds are received. Once you receive your funds, you can pay any outstanding bills and ensure you can afford your rent or mortgage, utilities, etc.

Contact Injury Wallet Today

Are you interested in learning more about applying for traumatic brain injury lawsuit funding? Then contact Injury Wallet today. All we need is for you to fill out a questionnaire to learn more about your case.

Next, we will contact your attorney to get more details. Once we have all the necessary information, we will take your case to the country’s top lawsuit loan companies.

We save you the headache of reaching out to each company individually.

Injury Wallet can help you, no matter where you are located in the country. We are available to research any town, city, county, etc.

Once we receive the information back from the loan companies, we will present the best offer to you. Then you can decide whether you want to apply for brain injury lawsuit funding.

There’s no credit inquiry or need to share your income history with lawsuit loans. The strength of your brain injury lawsuit is what the companies are looking at.

Your potential settlement is the collateral, not your personal assets. The most important things to keep in mind are to work with a reputable company and find the lowest rate possible.

You don’t want to sign with a company that has a lousy record and high-interest rates. Let Injury Wallet help you find the right lawsuit loan company for your traumatic brain injury lawsuit.

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