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What You Should Know About Same-Day Pre-Settlement Funding

It can be exhausting waiting for your settlement award after suffering an injury. You might have piling medical bills and other expenses.

If you are looking for same-day pre-settlement funding, Injury Wallet can help. 

Pre-settlement funding has several benefits. Lawsuit loans can allow your attorney additional time to recover fair compensation for you.

They can also allow you more time to heal from your injuries. Our team can aid you in finding the best lawsuit loan rate possible to minimize your financial stress.

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What Is Same-Day Pre-Settlement Funding?

Same-day pre-settlement funding can help you pay expenses while waiting for a settlement. With this type of funding, you can acquire the funds you need in less than a day.

This can allow you to buy groceries and pay for gas, among other vital expenses. 

Often, plaintiffs are quick to settle a lawsuit for less than they deserve because they simply can’t wait to go through settlement negotiations or a trial.

Lawsuit loans give you the ability to take the time needed to get a proper settlement amount. If you need a lawsuit loan, Injury Wallet is here to assist you in finding the lowest possible lawsuit loan rate. 

How Can I Obtain a Cash Advance on the Same Day?

You must take several steps to receive pre-settlement funding within the same day.

First, ensure that you speak with your attorney before you start the process if you need a lawsuit loan. They will need time to prepare the necessary materials before you fill out an application.

A few steps you need to take to expedite the process of obtaining a pre-settlement cash advance include:

You should also ensure that your lawyer sends in any documents at the beginning of the day. You need to complete all these steps early to receive funds the same day.

When you obtain a pre-settlement loan, we can handle finding you the best loan rate.

How Are Lawsuit Loans Paid Back?

Pre-settlement funding, or lawsuit loans, are non-recourse loans. Keep in mind that lawsuit loans are much different than a regular loan.

A bad credit score does not affect your ability to receive pre-settlement funding.

And since they are non-recourse, you only have to repay your loan if you win your case. You will not be responsible for repaying the loan if you do not receive a settlement award.

If you do win, you’ll use a portion of your settlement to repay the loan.

What Factors Will Determine My Offered Loan Amount?

Various aspects of your case will contribute to how much a lender offers in funding. An underwriter will typically examine your circumstances to determine the amount provided.

Some of the factors an underwriter will look at include the following:

  • Pain and suffering,
  • Lost wages, and
  • Permanent injuries.

If you have experienced the above, a lawsuit loan can help keep you afloat. Our team can shop your application to numerous lenders to find the right one.

When we have found the best lender, we will send you their information.

How Our Team Can Assist You

We understand that you need to pay your everyday expenses fast when you suffer injuries.

Our skillful team at Injury Wallet is ready to help you obtain the low rates on same-day pre-settlement loans you need.

Types of lawsuit loans we can help you find the best rate on include those for auto accidents, workers’ compensation, defective drugs, and many more.

Apply now by completing our quick lawsuit loan questionnaire today.

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