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3 Of The Best Lawsuit Loan Companies Serving Maryland

It can take years for a lawsuit to settle.

If you are the victim, this can leave you to wade through the sometimes crushing medical bills and other expenses at a time when you may have had to miss work while you recover.

This can be very stressful and leave you wondering how you are going to pay your bills. 

But you have options. Maryland settlement loans give plaintiffs like you peace of mind by helping pay your bills now and allowing you to pay off the loan after getting your settlement check.

If you lose your case, reputable lenders will not require you to pay off the loan. 

Maryland Lawsuit Loans [hide]

What is Pre-Settlement Funding

What is pre-settlement funding? Pre-settlement funding provides plaintiffs like you with much-needed financial relief before your case ends.

Lawsuits can take months or years, costing you precious time and money. While you wait for the lawsuit to finalize, you are left to face mounting medical bills. 

But taking out a lawsuit loan allows you to essentially take out a cash advance in Maryland.

If you win your case, the financial award first goes towards paying off your lawsuit loan, plus interest.

If you lose your case, most lenders don’t require you to pay the loan back. You usually do not need to pay anything upfront to receive the Maryland legal funding.

Additionally, there are no restrictions on how you can spend your loan money. 

Applying for Settlement Loans in Maryland

So, how do you apply for settlement loans in Maryland? You can apply directly with a lender by searching online.

Or you can use a professional lender matching service, like Injury Wallet, to help you find the right loan provider for you.

Using a professional lender matching service gives you peace of mind knowing that the experts are on it.

These service providers vet the lenders and make sure that the offers you receive are worth your while.

Further, good Maryland legal funding providers won’t perform a credit check. Because of this, applying for or taking out a lawsuit loan doesn’t impact your credit score. 

If you search online on your own, you may fall prey to an illegitimate or unscrupulous lender.

These types of lenders may charge clients money to provide them with Maryland legal funding or require them to pay other fees. 

The best practice is to avoid the hassle, the unnecessary cost, and the risk by using a professional lender matching service. 

Factors that Determine Your Amount of Pre-Settlement Funding in Maryland

During the application process for a lawsuit cash advance, Maryland lenders will first gather information. They use this information to determine the value of your case and the amount to offer you.

Factors that they consider for your pre-settlement funding in Maryland include:

  • The facts of the case; 
  • The type of injury; 
  • The likelihood that you will win your case; 
  • The amount of your current medical expenses; and
  • The awards that plaintiffs in similar cases receive on average. 

The loan company makes money from the interest on the loan. Because of this, they have an interest in providing Maryland settlement loans to plaintiffs that are likely to win their case.

Since reputable lenders don’t require you to repay the loan if you win your case, lenders have a vested interest in doing this background check. 

3 Best Legal Funding Companies Serving Maryland

1. Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding

60 Roseland Ave Suite 101, Caldwell, NJ 07006 / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

Legal-Bay offers pre-settlement lawsuit funding with approval in less than 24 hours. Legal-Bay prioritizes its customers above all else. Unlike other legal settlement funding firms, we provide innovative solutions to ensure approval and access to a lawsuit cash advance.

They offer non-recourse lawsuit settlement advances which means if you lose your case, you owe nothing. Contact Legal-Bay for more information on legal funding options.

2. Baker Street Funding

77 Water St 7 FL, New York, NY 10005 / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

baker street funding

Baker Street Funding has helped over 40,000 claimants and attorneys with their comprehensive non-recourse funding.

Settlement funding is accessible for personal injury plaintiffs in 42 states and for attorneys in most states. They deliver fast and efficient services to all our clients, regardless of the case’s size. Apply with Baker Street Funding.

3. Stone Street Capital

6130 Executive Blvd Suite 310, Rockville, MD 20852 / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

stone street capital

Stone Street Capital offers the option of selling your structured settlement. If you’ve won a lawsuit but the payment schedule doesn’t align with your financial needs, you have the option to sell your structured settlement payments to Stone Street Capital for a lump sum so you can access your cash sooner. Contact Stone Street Capital to discuss your options.

Injury Wallet—Helping You Get Pre-Settlement Funding in Maryland When You Need it Most

Here at Injury Wallet, we strongly believe in helping people get the financial relief they need.

Medical bills and other expenses are due now, not after the lawsuit is over.

Not everyone has time to wait to receive a settlement, and it’s hard to know if and when that settlement check will actually arrive.

We understand that you require a financial lifeline now, not in a year.

Using our patented questionnaire, we gather information from you and use it to shop for the best settlement loans in Maryland available for you.

Then, we put you in the driver’s seat by providing you with offers from our repertoire of top lenders.

Applying won’t affect your credit score and doesn’t cost you a dime. Give us a try.

Call us today at 866-985-0472, or contact us online

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