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Roundup Lawsuit Loans

Learn about the Roundup lawsuit and eligibility for Roundup pre-settlement loans.

In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a worldwide warning regarding a very popular herbicide: Monsanto’s Roundup.

After reviewing the ample literature surrounding the herbicide and its potential effects on human health, the organization came to the conclusion that Roundup can cause certain types of cancer. 

After the 2015 warning, many individuals initiated litigation against Roundup’s manufacturers. In their suits, individuals alleged that Roundup’s manufacturers and distributors knew of the increased cancer risk their product causes and failed to disclose it.

Some even alleged that Monsanto actively hid pertinent information from the public and government watchdog agencies to avoid scrutiny of their financially lucrative herbicide. 

In many cases, due to the dangerous nature of cancer, victims of Roundup died, causing irreparable harm to their families.

Thus, Monsanto caused severe harm to the hundreds of thousands of people who were subject to Roundup exposure. Along with individuals, many families of deceased persons have also initiated wrongful death claims against Monsanto.

If you or a loved one developed cancer after exposure to Roundup, you may have a claim for damages against Monsanto. 

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Injury Wallet Can Help Alleviate Some of the Stress of Filing a Roundup Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit is often seen as a daunting prospect. The cost of litigation is just one of the many worries people have about filing lawsuits.

After all, if you file a lawsuit and lose the lawsuit, you may find yourself in a financial hole. If you were struggling financially before filing your lawsuit, the potential financial hole is much larger, making litigation even more daunting.

If this concern is relevant to your situation, Injury Wallet can help take out a unique type of loan to help in the meantime: a Roundup lawsuit settlement loan.

Many people have never heard of lawsuit loans, so if you’re one of them, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Read on for more information on Roundup lawsuit settlement loans from your team at Injury Wallet.

Roundup Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

The Monsanto Roundup lawsuits have been widely publicized in recent years.

One of the main reasons for these lawsuits’ media attention is their sheer gravity. Some of the Roundup lawsuit settlement amounts are eye-popping, particularly those in class-action lawsuits.

One of the class-action lawsuits addressing Roundup’s harmful effects settled in 2020 for more than $10 billion.

More recently, to settle future claims, Bayer, which now owns Monsanto, agreed to a $2 billion plan to settle future Roundup claims that may arise. A federal judge rejected the plan, so it is unclear how much those future claims will settle for.

Still, you can see that the amount of money at play in these lawsuits is significant.

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How Can a Roundup Lawsuit Loan Help Me?

A lawsuit loan can help you as a sort of financial bridge while your lawsuit works its way through the legal system. Lawsuits can take a long time to settle.

This is particularly true of class-action lawsuits and lawsuits against powerful corporate entities. In many cases, the Roundup lawsuits represent both.

If your lawsuit is slowly working its way through the legal system and you have bills to pay but can’t work (which is not uncommon for individuals suffering from cancer), the bills pile up.

Add to that the cost of an attorney, and you can understand why some are reluctant to file a lawsuit at all.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you might feel like you have two options that are both less than ideal:

  1. Accept the quickest settlement offer you receive so you can pay your immediate bills, but risk accepting a settlement that doesn’t fully compensate you for all of your damages; or
  2. Reject lowball settlement offers, let the lawsuit run its course, and let your bills pile up in the meantime.

Even worse, you might wait for a proper settlement offer, let your bills pile up, and fail to win any sort of settlement. With a lawsuit loan, you have another option.

With a lawsuit loan, you can hold out for the best settlement possible and pay your bills in the meantime.

In a way, a Roundup pre-settlement loan can disarm much of the weaponry that powerful entities use against individual litigants who lack infinite corporate resources.

How Does Pre Settlement Funding Work?

Taking out lawsuit loans and other forms of pre-settlement funding is a relatively simple process. With the help of Injury Wallet, the process is even simpler.

To find a lawsuit loan, you typically follow this process:

  1. You find lawsuit loan providers;
  2. You fill out their applications, including your attorney’s information;
  3. They contact your attorney to learn more about (and verify) your case; and
  4. You look through their loan agreements, trying to find the best possible terms and interest rates.

At Injury Wallet, we take the worst part of looking for a lawsuit loan out of the process for you: the shopping. That’s right; we do the shopping for you.

At Injury Wallet, all you have to do is fill out one application. We shop your application to dozens of the nation’s top lawsuit lenders, review their proposed terms, and come back to you with the best possible rate.

In finding you the best possible loan terms, we help you keep more of your settlement at the end of the day. 

Perhaps the best part of lawsuit loans is that they are risk-free. If you lose your case or fail to settle out of court, you won’t owe your lender a thing. And don’t worry: that’s not a typo.

Find the Best Rate for Your Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit Loan

Instead of letting yourself expend all the time and energy necessary to pore over dozens of potential loan agreements, let Injury Wallet do it for you.

We have connections with the nation’s leading lawsuit lending companies, so we get the best results, and we get our results fast. In turn, you get your money fast.

Even better, we make sure you get the best possible loan rate with your pre-settlement funding. That means that you keep more of your settlement at the end of the day.

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