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4 Of The Best Lawsuit Loan Companies In Texas

When it comes to finding a trusted lawsuit funding company in Texas, we’ve got your back. We have put together a curated list of four top-rated lawsuit loan companies operating in the state.

It’s worth highlighting the fact that most pre-settlement financing companies assist clients nationwide, so you are not limited to selecting one within your own state. However, the companies listed below are based in Texas and have received favorable online reviews from satisfied clients.

How did we come up with this list?

Texas is home to a number of legal funding companies that offer cash advances for pending lawsuit settlements. The companies below earned their place on our list for their positive online reviews and proven reliability.

1. Ally Lawsuit Loans

2101 CityWest Blvd, Houston, TX 77042 / Profile / Application Form / Google Reviews

Ally Lawsuit Loans Legal Financing Company

Ally Lawsuit Loans is based in Texas and operates nationwide as a leading provider of pre-settlement funding services. They offer three guarantees. Firstly, they ensure a quick turnaround time, promising a decision or offer within 24 hours of application submission. In many cases, funds can be in the client’s hands within hours of accepting the offer. Secondly, Ally Lawsuit Loans offers a lowest interest rate guarantee, allowing clients to bring competing quotes for them to match or beat. Lastly, they guarantee a risk-free loan, meaning clients have no obligation to repay if they lose their case.

With a 4.2 out of 5 rating based on 31 online reviews, Ally Lawsuit Loans has earned a reputation for their reliable services.


It was good to have some cash to get my bills paid for the month.

” I couldn’t work after getting in my car accident, and Ally lawsuit loans advanced me money on my upcoming settlement.”

– Sean Boyd via Google

2. Express Legal Funding

5717 Legacy Dr Suite 250, Plano, TX 75024 / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

Express Legal Funding Pre-Settlement Loan Company

Founded in 2015, Express Legal Funding specializes in providing timely financial assistance to individuals awaiting case settlements. They offer anywhere between $550 to $500,000 in pre-settlement funding, based on the case’s strength and value. With a commitment to affordability and transparency, Express Legal Funding offers competitive cash advance rates. Their application process is free, and approved cash advances are typically delivered in less than 24 hours.

Boasting a rating of 4.8 out of 5 based on 107 online reviews, Express Legal Funding has built a strong reputation for their services.


My experience with Express Legal Funding was top notch…

” Quick, easy, and straightforward. I won’t hesitate to recommend them to my friends.”

– Kimberly Hodges via Google

3. Best Call Funding

2028 Buffalo Terrace 1st Floor Suite 24, Houston, TX 77019 / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

Best Call Funding for Pending Lawsuit Company

Best Call Funding was established in 2015, dedicated to assisting personal injury plaintiffs during challenging times. They understand the financial hardships that can arise from unexpected accidents or the loss of a loved one. To alleviate these burdens, Best Call Funding offers financial support to injured victims who may be unable to work or cover essential expenses. The company’s aim is to ensure that plaintiffs can receive the maximum compensation for their cases. With a streamlined process, Best Call Funding provides updates within 24 hours of application submission and strives for quick turnaround times.

Best Call Funding has garnered a positive reputation for their services with a 4.3 out of 5 rating based on 11 online reviews.


Best call funding was a delight to work with from the start.

” They were quick to set me up with money in times that were very difficult. I would give them a 10/10 across the board and recommend them to anyone in need.”

– Jj Heckman via Google

4. Shepherd Capital

100 Glenborough Dr #429D, Houston, TX 77060 / Website / Application Form / Google Reviews

Shepherd Capital Cash Advance Company

Shepherd Capital offers nationwide pre-settlement funding for individuals with pending cases. The company assists clients with their bills and other living expenses while they wait for their case to resolve.

Their lawsuit loans are risk-free, since repayment isn’t required if you lose your case. Shepherd Capital claims their rates can be as low as 1-3% but ultimately, your quoted rate will vary depending on the unique circumstances of your case.

Shepherd Capital has a 5 out of 5 rating but this is based on 3 online reviews only.


Shepherd Capital is an awesome loan agency.

” Their team approach ensures someone is always available to answer any questions and they responded within minutes to e-mails.”

– Marquita Heard via Google

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