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Are Online Car Accident Lawsuit Settlement Calculators Accurate?

After a stressful car accident, many people are unsure what steps to take next. We know how distressing a car accident and the resulting injuries can be.

People often search for an online settlement calculator to try to get a sense of what losses they could recover. 

You may wonder: Are online settlement calculator for car accidents accurate? Is there a realistic settlement calculator?

The answer is that they are generally inaccurate and should not be used to determine your settlement amount.

If you need a high-quality estimate, it is better to contact a lawyer.

And getting an accurate estimate from a lawyer is an essential step in applying for a lawsuit loan to help you with expenses while your claim is pending.

Are Online Car Accident Settlement Calculators Accurate?[hide]

Why Is An Online Settlement Calculator Inaccurate?

You might be questioning, Are online car accident settlement calculators accurate?

All in all, an online settlement calculator cannot give precise figures. Calculators use unreliable sources to create these estimates.

There are multiple reasons why there is low settlement calculator accuracy. 

1. Issues With Correctly Calculating Economic Damages

These calculators may not correctly calculate your economic damages. Economic damages refer to tangible losses like medical bills and lost wages.

An online settlement calculator cannot give you an accurate number for these damages.

For one, you might not know how much medical treatment you will need in the future. Calculators also cannot balance your circumstances.

There is no way for a calculator to determine how strong your claim will be. Furthermore, online calculators do not carry weight with insurance companies.

2. There Is No Equation for Pain and Suffering

It is impossible for a calculator to come up with an accurate estimate of your damages for pain and suffering.

This type of non-economic damages is already challenging to calculate because your losses are intangible. Calculators usually try to use a multiplier against your medical expenses.

The problem is that pain and suffering damages vary widely and are highly subjective.

Overall, it is challenging to estimate the amount of your damages without legal help. It is more beneficial for you to get advice from a skillful attorney.

They can ask nuanced questions and gather details in a way that a calculator does not.

Why Is Connecting with a Lawyer Better Than A Car Accident Settlement Offer Calculator?

An attorney is a much better choice when analyzing your potential damages. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you review your claim’s value using factors that a calculator cannot consider.

Some of those factors include the following:

  • Your ability or inability to work,
  • The extent of your injuries, and
  • The value of your noneconomic losses.

Your lawyer can help fight for you significantly more than a settlement offer calculator. 

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